The History and Future of Hospitality Industry

Change in any of the business industry brings more and more opportunities for the individuals to earn money by giving their services. But there aren’t very frequent changes in most of the industries. Usually, it takes about 10 years to any of the business industry to bring something new except the tech and hospitality industry. Just a few years ago, hospitality industry was limited to the hospital only but today, the hospitality industry could become part of any other business industry easily as their services have been needed for better reputation, brand awareness and making people attract toward their business.

The concept of hospitality isn’t new. It is there since the birth of first human being but it was not considered as “industry” in early ages of the Earth. With the passage of time and need of the space for the visitors and travelers, the concept of hospitality has been changed into a very big industry. There isn’t any country today in the world where the hospitality industry is not growing. Even the countries which are in financial and natural crises are making very good through their hospitality industry.

History of Hospitality Industry:

Today the hospitality related business cares more about the customer services than anything else but it was not same in the past. We do not really have the true customer services concept in the hospitality industry. The hotels have been used for the sleeping purposes only. That’s why there use to be very limited staff and jobs in the hospitality industry. Due to the need to bed space, the industry was still making the good business but later the trends got changed. For example, today in this industry, we have so many different staff which we do not even think about. The hotel staff was limited to the cleaning and front desk but today there are more than that.

The present of Hospitality Industry:

Even the staff of a small hotel is not limited to the cleaning and front desk. Today, the hospitality industry id bringing more career option for the individuals as compared to any other industry. This industry is now providing jobs to the graduates related to the business studies, finance, accounting, food, food art, engineering, designing, communication, management and even the to the sports and fitness graduates. Today, without having them, a hotel could not generate enough earning and name to beat their competitors.

Future of Hospitality Industry:

The technology is already changing the hospitality industry. Now booking a room in the hotel or arranging a business party could be done without visiting the hotel as these all can be done online. Hence, the people who are studying IT related course should consider looking for the jobs in the hospitality industry as in the future; the IT will take over the most of the jobs which are being perfumed by the human now a day in the hospitality industry like advance booking staff etc.

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